Inteco Services

R&D Engineering

Inteco has its own team of multidisciplinary engineers, computer scientists, programmers and industrial designers that allow the development of:
Technical advisory service for modifications and/or improvements of production processes.
Design and construction of specific equipment for its production.
Custom programming of PLC’s for the automation of production processes. VISUAL BASIC development of the user interface.
Design of renders, technical drawings with exploded views of the machinery, electrical diagrams, etc..



Reduce the impact on the environment, the environmental footprint, ecological awareness.

Retrofit machinery of Machining Centers and Numerical Controls.
We are able to renew your machine and give it a second life. We update and adapt the numerical control, software and wiring, all the obsolete mechanical parts and a comprehensive aesthetic adaptation.
You will have a TOTALLY “RELEASED” MACHINE, we eliminate dependency on the original brand/factory or scheduled obsolescence.



TECHNICAL SERVICE OF TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND REPAIR of industrial machinery, specialized in machinery for wood.


Preventive maintenance service for machinery. Telephone assistance, online, periodic reviews…
Official technical service of companies such as COMEVA or  GIMENO Machinery

Spare parts

Sale of top brand spare parts.

In addition, we offer our customers the sale of top brand spare parts.

Sale of top brand spare parts.


Corrective and preventive